XVIP Table Fundraising Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the XVIP Table Fundraising Challenge. This year, in order to help you win a chance at the first XVIP table we want you to get support from everyone you know. This challenge will use Facebook to create a fundraiser to support Chicago Autism Resource & Education and the person that raises the most by the goal deadline, will win the FIRST XVIP Table to Breaking the Silence 11!!

How the challenge works
▪Once you agree to these terms and sign up, we will email you instructions about how to set up your Facebook Fundraiser.
▪Each competitor will start their fundraiser on the same day and set the end date to the final goal date.
▪Once your fundraiser is set up, it is up to you to advertise it and get as many donations as you can from friends, family, strangers, whoever!! to get the most donations.
▪Once the donation date comes to a close, the competitor that raised the most money will win the first XVIP Table to Breaking the Silence 10.

Competition Dates

▪Applications will be accepted through March 1, 2019.
▪You can create your fundraiser anytime starting on March 3, 2019. Any entries before hand will be disqualified for the contest!!
▪Remember the earlier you get it up that day, the more time you have to compete.
▪You must set your fundraising end date to March 17, 2019.
▪The winner will be announced the following day on March 18, 2019.


▪You will need to have a Facebook account to compete in this challenge.
▪It is best to use a computer rather than a cellphone to do the setup, but not entirely necessary.
▪On the left side of the page under "Explore," select "Fundraisers."
▪Either on the left side of the page select "+ Raise Money" in the green bar or in the middle of the page select "Raise Money" in the blue box.
▪Read the information to "Create a Fundraiser" and select "Get Started."
▪Under "Who are you raising money for?" select "Nonprofit".
▪In the search box, enter "Chicago Autism Resource & Education". Select the box with the CARE Logo and "Chicago Autism Resource & Education".
▪Enter "How much money do you want to raise?" (Set a goal that inspires supporters to help you reach it. You don't have to reach your goal to receive the money or win the challenge.) and set the end date to March 17, 2019. Select "Next".
▪Under "Tell your story," this is where you get to shine. Set a catchy title and tell your story about why your friends and family should donate to your fundraiser. Pull at every heart string, appeal to them, beg if you must, but this is where you get to start telling people why you should win, why they should help you win and to not be too cheap!!
▪Finally, pick a cover photo that best helps you. You can use our logo, one of the suggested ones, or any other picture that will help your goal! Select "Create".

Helpful Strategies

▪Set the posts to "Public" under privacy settings. If you limit who can see it, you might miss out on extra donations.
▪Feel free to use any ETHICAL manner to increase your donations. This can include friendly banter with other competitors, or regularly advertising your place on the leader board, or standing on the corner in a Lady Liberty costume to spread the word. You are only limited by your imagination.
▪We will do our best to help you advertise by linking to your fundraiser on our CARE and Breaking the Silence pages and newsletters.
▪We will try to regularly post a leader board, so you can see your place in the competition and how much you need to overtake the current leader.

I have read the terms of service.
1. Click on your personal Facebook page.
2. Copy and paste YOUR Facebook URL (starting with "http://") here so we can monitor your fundraiser.
Please only press "Submit" once.
It will take a few seconds to gather your information and send it to us. You will get a copy of the message sent to the email entered above and the next page should be a "Thank You" page.